Organic synthesis in laboratory scale for research and industry

1. Services:

a.    Synthesis  synthetic organic components, intermediate compounds and target structures of mg to kg quantities on customer order

b.    Laboratory synthesis of stable isotope-labeled compounds (D, 13C, 15N)

c.    Reference substances for chemical analytics

 2. Bid proposal management:

a.    After receipt of the customer inquiry, we prepare a binding offer for synthesis on the basis of a literature and patent search that includes the price, delivery time, type of delivery and specification.

b.    Each inquiry will be treated as strictly confidential. Upon request, a legally confirmed non-disclosure agreement can be entered into on short notice.

c.    Our quotations are prepared on short notice, within one week at the most.

 3. Equipment / analysis:

a. Preparative HPLC
b. Flash chromatography
c. Freeze drying system
d. Hydrogenation apparatus
e. Autoclave technology (up to 300 atm; up to 2 liters)

f. Extraction apparatus (6 liters) 

g. Analytical HPLC
h. UV spectroscopy
i. NMR (300 and 500 MHz) 1H, 13C, 15N, 31P
j. FT-IR

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